Declutter Your Salesforce

Learn how to identify and remove the technical debt from your current Salesforce configuration.

Learn how to identify and remove the technical debt from your current Salesforce configuration

Identify And Remove The Technical Debt From Your Current Salesforce Configuration

This course is for Salesforce Admins who find it challenging and overwhelming doing their day-to-day tasks in and inefficient, impractical and difficult-to-maintain Salesforce instance with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • too many fields that are not being used, taking up valuable space on the screens and making reporting a nightmare;
  • too many custom objects that no one is using nor understands;
  • several custom objects to track people, making it impossible to easily pull mailing lists, let alone identify or merge duplicates across objects;
  • so many validation rules that end users just type in any random data just to save a record and move on;
  • lots of record types on various objects, half of which aren't being used and introduce lots of confusion for end users;
  • roles and profiles named after people who have long left the company;
  • mysterious elements of automation, created by people who had no Salesforce experience, that continuously surprise end users by updating records in surprising ways, and creating new, automated records (tasks, etc) each time a record is created or edited;
  • many roles, profiles, permission sets, page layouts that are not assigned to anyone, yet introducing confusion for any Admins on the team.

 Everything you need to know - Remove The Junk And Streamline Your System Everything you need to know

As Salesforce Admins, we inevitably find ourselves in situations where there are more record types, roles, profiles, page layouts than needed.

Even worse is when our Salesforce users complain that "Salesforce Sucks" because there are confusing and duplicate fields and objects that make training and onboarding users confusing and frustrating.

In this course you will learn how to identify what's truly needed within your organization, take a fresh look at your current Salesforce configuration, and put together an easy-to-follow plan to clean up the clutter which will not only make your own life easier, as an Admin...but delight your end users, and make training a breeze.

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David Giller
David Giller
I am a Salesforce trainer, consultant, blogger, author, Salesforce User Group Leader and CEO at Brainiate.
On paper, I'm an attorney - although I'm currently retired from practicing law.
Today, I help organizations to "make Salesforce easy" by training employees, identifying areas to improve the existing Salesforce configuration, and sharing best practices to help organizations get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

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