1.1 Why is this important?

Understanding this information will provide the framework for every question or request that comes your way as a Salesforce Admin, as it will help you understand what each person does, which features they use in Salesforce, who should see what, and why they need certain data or functionality.

All too often, business users..sometimes even senior executives, will frame a question to the Salesforce Admin asking "is it possible to add a button on this screen that will automatically...?" ..and, as we all know, the answer is almost always YES. However, if we don't understand the context of the business process, and understand what the business is trying to accomplish...creating that button could potentially introduce more technical debt and either perpetuate a bad business process or perhaps even make things worse.

All too often, there are very few (if any) people within the organization that understand the full wing-to-wing business process of how a prospect/lead first enters the system, through the servicing of that customer. As a Salesforce Admin, by you becoming intimately familiar with all of the business processes that your users are experiencing it will empower you to be exponentially more helpful to them and allow you to partner up with them to introduce robust solutions in ways that they could have never imagined.

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