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"I really enjoyed taking this Salesforce1 Mobile App course at Brainiate Academy. This course provided a thorough walk through of the standard objects that are commonly used in any Salesforce instance. The video content in the course is short, simple and straight to the point for the user to digest quickly. The last module provides helpful links as well as shows the 100 ways to run your business from your phone. Thanks Mr. Giller."

- Ali Waheed

"Explaining how to find & merge duplicates is a game changer! Teaching Salesforce users how to use this feature is powerful!"

- Darrell Gallegos

"I am impressed with Brainiate Academy and the content focusing on the Salesforce1 mobile app. The specific feature of the training that made it most useful for my experience is your use of user stories to demo the HOW along with the WHY. Your use of the screens to show what users will see is extremely helpful. Well done!"

- Matthew Anders

"Easily accessible content that was well-structured. Thank you, David!"

- Daniel Flanigan