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Why UAT Mastery?

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We understand the critical role UAT plays in Salesforce projects.

It can mean the difference between a successful deployment and a frustrating failure.

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What You'll Gain from UAT Mastery

Master UAT with Our Proven Framework and Propel Your Career!

  • Uncover the Importance: Understand the pivotal role of UAT in Salesforce projects and why it is crucial for project success.
  • Identify Key Stakeholders: Discover the key stakeholders involved in UAT and their roles and responsibilities, ensuring seamless collaboration.
  • Define Scope and Objectives: Learn how to define and align the scope and objectives of UAT within the context of Salesforce projects, setting the stage for success.
  • Plan and Prepare with Confidence: Explore best practices for effective planning and preparation, from resource allocation to environment setup and test data management.
  • Develop and Execute Test Cases: Master the art of test case development and execution, ensuring thorough validation of Salesforce functionality.
  • Manage Defects Like a Pro: Gain insights into an effective defect and issue management during UAT, ensuring prompt resolution and a smooth testing process.
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls: Identify common UAT pitfalls and learn proactive measures to sidestep them, saving time and resources.
  • Harness Post-UAT Insights: Understand the significance of post-UAT activities, leveraging feedback analysis and continuous improvement for future projects.

Here's What You Will Learn:

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  Introduction to UAT Testing
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  Stakeholders and Roles in UAT
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  Scope and Objectives of UAT
Available in days
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  Planning and Preparing for UAT
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  Test Case Development and Execution
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  Managing Defects and Issues
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  Common Pitfalls in UAT
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  Post-UAT Activities and Project Success
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  UAT Templates
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  UAT Checklists
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  • Defect Tracking Template
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  • UAT Progress Report Template
  • UAT Test Summary Template
Bonus 2: You’ll gain access to the UAT Checklists Library, which includes:
  • UAT Preparation Checklist
  • UAT Execution Checklist
  • Defect Management Checklist
  • UAT Completion Checklist
  • Post-UAT Checklist

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